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Founded in 1998, managed by the management council composed of the elite group of citizens and expatriates from the owners of long experience in this field, and has worked in the field of Hajj and Umrah travel to serve guests the House of God and made sure the company since its inception to provide the highest quality services with provide the best price and distinctive range of hotels where luxury and sophistication and the Holy Square in Makka and Medina, the five-star and four-star to make it easier for its guests perform the rituals and rites with ease and is keen to provide the best transportation services through the largest fleet of cars and buses modern ( buses air conditioned-saloon cars-cars James) of all kinds to be a leader in the field of Hajj and Umrah this or sought by the company providing travel services and trips around the world, and booking hotel and airline ticket  and provide trained personnel administratively and technically to meet the needs of customers and booking services with skill and mastering both the United Arab Emirates or abroad.

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With government and private entities are as follows: -

  • Special Department of His Highness the Head of State.
  • Diwan of His Highness the Head of State.
  • Diwan of His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.
  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Oil companies of various kinds.
  • Zayed bin Sultan Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation.
  • Red Crescent Authority of the State of United Arab Emirates.
  • Management and Administration Department
  • Minors Affairs Department.
  • legal court.
  • The Abu Dhabi Women's Association(Family development foundation).
  • Dar Al Ber Society.
  • .Other destinations Multiple