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Council of Ministers Resolution No. ( 30/31 ) for the year 2013

At regulating the actions of Hajj and Umrah .

* Article II.

-not allow To any natural or legal person to engage a contractor Hajj and Umrah activity without obtaining a license from the Commission .

*Article III .

-Awqaf Responsibility .

-The Commission shall regulate conduct enterprise activity and Umrah pilgrimage and supervision .

* Article IV .

Formation of the Licensing Committee .

-Formation a committee called the Commission ( licenses) to be formed by the President of the Commission.


The UAE government provides free meals for the pilgrims of the state in Mina and Arafat and Muzdalifah .

Sunday, March 6, 2016 / 12:03

Abu Dhabi

Met with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments with 153 citizen of the owners of the Hajj campaigns in the UAE to view what has been achieved in the last Hajj season , and discuss things Hajj for this year 1337 e -m 2016 , it saw the meeting consultation and brainstorming workshops mind aimed to provide the best services to pilgrims of the UAE citizens and residents during the next season.

Body plan Hajj offered this year to the holders of discussion and consultation campaigns , according to a press release 24 obtained a copy of which was agreed to separate the tents of the men from the women like last year former to the success of this experiment , as administrative allocation of every 50 women of the arrangements necessary for them as men , have asked Authority to raise the proportion of resettlement for administrators and administrators in all Hajj campaigns to reach 80 % and above , and as for the escalation of the pilgrims of the state on 9 of the argument to the Arafat has asked everyone to come up  since the ninth morning to Arafat , ease of access and to avoid crowds .

Free meals

With regard to feed the pilgrims in Arafah and Muzdalifah and Mina , the government undertook to provide meal Arafa lunch also undertook to provide healthy snacks and well thought out for all the pilgrims of the state these days.

The workshop was attended by Director General of Ahmed Shabib virtual Zayed Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation and an explanation of the campaigns the organization plans to provide for pilgrimage about 600 pilgrims annually from the spirit of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan , in a manner consistent with the plans of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments .

Saudi Embassy

The required papers for Umrah visas to the Saudi Embassy

1 - passport available for a period of six months from the date of travel and accommodation three months .

2 two - picture white background. Meningitis vaccination card.

3 - image of the UAE ID .

4 - Muharram for women less than 45 years.

Ministry of Hajj


1420 AH Decree No.93, dated 10/06/1420 AH

*Article I

-The Delivery of services for the overseas Umrah Performers and Visitors.

to the verses Umrah Performers and Visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.


referred to as Umrah Performers’’shall be ensured by Saudi companies or establishments

,including the Tawafa Establishments which serve pilgrims or a member of these

Tawafa establishments

upon obtaining a commercial register in accordance with the provisions of laws and instructions without exceptions once the necessary license

has been obtained from the Ministry of Haj

*Article III

-The licensed Company or establishment shall comply with the following:

1- To provide services for Umrah performers with integrity and honesty and that its services shall be carried out in accordance

with the provisions of this statute.

2- The managing director and heads of branches and supervisors in charge of services shall be saudi nationals of good character and conduct.

3- It shall have an office in Makkh, Madinah and Jeddah.

*ِArticle IV

-The kingdom Overseas missions shall issue visas for Umrah performers in the following manner:

1- The entry of Umrah performers shall be made through the officially licensed bodies to organize trips in the country.

2-The health requirements issued by the ministry of health shall be met.

3- to ensure that the Umrah performer has obtained the round trip, and cheque issued by one of the banks approved by the saudi Arabian

monetary Agency(SAMA)per each Umrah performer in terms of the full dues of the establishment or service provider in the Kingdom,including the accommodation

and travel costs,together with services selected by the Umrah performer as per agreed upon level as listed in sub-clause 3 of Article 5.

4- The licensed companies and establishment to provide services for Umrah performers in the Kingdom with the overseas licensed bodies shall be governed by

a contract attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the applicable rules.

5- The name of the licensed establishment or company to provide services for Umrah performers in the Kingdom shall be indicated in the visa.